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MoonShine provides opportunities to extend the basic functionality and write your own packages that improve the features. In this section, we will provide a list of such packages, an example with creating your own field and action.

If you can't figure out how your MoonShine package should look like, we've prepared a ready-made template for you. Package template

The following entities could be extended:

  • Fields
  • Filters
  • Decorations
  • Actions
  • Metrics
  • InputExtension
  • FormComponent
  • Resource

# Custom field

Here is a small example of creating your own field! It is a visual editor based on the CKEditor js plugin

First, let's create a class that extends the MoonShine fields

namespace App\MoonShine\Fields;
use MoonShine\Fields\Field;
final class CKEditor extends Field
protected static string $view = 'fields.ckeditor';
protected array $assets = [

Then, create a view with implementation

'id' => 'ckeditor_' . $item->getKey() . '_' . $element->id(),
'name' => $element->name()
>{!! $element->formViewValue($item) ?? '' !!}</x-moonshine::form.textarea>
CKEDITOR.ClassicEditor.create(document.getElementById("ckeditor_{{ $item->getKey() }}_{{ $element->id() }}"), {
toolbar: {
items: [
'heading', '|',
'bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough', 'underline', 'code', 'subscript', 'superscript', 'removeFormat', '|',
'bulletedList', 'numberedList', 'todoList',
'outdent', 'indent', '|',
'undo', 'redo',
'exportPDF','exportWord', '|',
'findAndReplace', '|',
'fontSize', 'fontColor', 'fontBackgroundColor',
'alignment', '|',
'link', 'insertImage', 'blockQuote', 'insertTable', 'mediaEmbed', 'codeBlock', 'htmlEmbed', '|',
'specialCharacters', 'horizontalLine', 'sourceEditing'
shouldNotGroupWhenFull: true
// Changing the language of the interface requires loading the language file using the <script> tag.
// language: 'es',
list: {
properties: {
styles: true,
startIndex: true,
reversed: true
heading: {
options: [
{ model: 'paragraph', title: 'Paragraph', class: 'ck-heading_paragraph' },
{ model: 'heading1', view: 'h1', title: 'Heading 1', class: 'ck-heading_heading1' },
{ model: 'heading2', view: 'h2', title: 'Heading 2', class: 'ck-heading_heading2' },
{ model: 'heading3', view: 'h3', title: 'Heading 3', class: 'ck-heading_heading3' },
{ model: 'heading4', view: 'h4', title: 'Heading 4', class: 'ck-heading_heading4' },
{ model: 'heading5', view: 'h5', title: 'Heading 5', class: 'ck-heading_heading5' },
{ model: 'heading6', view: 'h6', title: 'Heading 6', class: 'ck-heading_heading6' }
placeholder: 'Welcome to CKEditor 5!',
fontFamily: {
options: [
'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif',
'Courier New, Courier, monospace',
'Georgia, serif',
'Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif',
'Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif',
'Times New Roman, Times, serif',
'Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif',
'Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif'
supportAllValues: true
fontSize: {
options: [ 10, 12, 14, 'default', 18, 20, 22 ],
supportAllValues: true
// Be careful with the setting below. It instructs CKEditor to accept ALL HTML markup.
htmlSupport: {
allow: [
name: /.*/,
attributes: true,
classes: true,
styles: true
codeBlock: {
languages: [
{ language: 'php', label: 'Php' },
{ language: 'js', label: 'Js' }
// Be careful with enabling previews
htmlEmbed: {
showPreviews: true
link: {
decorators: {
addTargetToExternalLinks: true,
defaultProtocol: 'https://',
toggleDownloadable: {
mode: 'manual',
label: 'Downloadable',
attributes: {
download: 'file'
mention: {
feeds: [
marker: '@',
feed: [
'@apple', '@bears', '@brownie', '@cake', '@cake', '@candy', '@canes', '@chocolate', '@cookie', '@cotton', '@cream',
'@cupcake', '@danish', '@donut', '@dragée', '@fruitcake', '@gingerbread', '@gummi', '@ice', '@jelly-o',
'@liquorice', '@macaroon', '@marzipan', '@oat', '@pie', '@plum', '@pudding', '@sesame', '@snaps', '@soufflé',
'@sugar', '@sweet', '@topping', '@wafer'
minimumCharacters: 1
simpleUpload: {
// The URL that the images are uploaded to.
uploadUrl: '{{ route('moonshine.attachments') }}',
// The "super-build" contains more premium features that require additional configuration, disable them below.
// Do not turn them on unless you read the documentation and know how to configure them and setup the editor.
removePlugins: [
// These two are commercial, but you can try them out without registering to a trial.
// 'ExportPdf',
// 'ExportWord',
// This sample uses the Base64UploadAdapter to handle image uploads as it requires no configuration.
// Storing images as Base64 is usually a very bad idea.
// Replace it on production website with other solutions:
// 'Base64UploadAdapter',
// Careful, with the Mathtype plugin CKEditor will not load when loading this sample
// from a local file system (file://) - load this site via HTTP server if you enable MathType
.ck-editor__editable {
max-height: 400px;
background-color: white!important;
color: black!important;

That's it!

# Custom Action

MoonShine comes with several built-in actions such as Export и Import but you can also create your own custom actions.

To do this, you need to create a class that extends the MoonShine action class and define the handle method.

namespace App\MoonShine\Actions;
use MoonShine\Actions\Action;
class CustomAction extends Action
public function handle(): mixed
// Code with the handler logic

This is enough to display our custom action on the resource page. However, let's take a look at what else we can define in our action class.

class CustomAction extends Action
protected static string $view = 'view.custom'; // Custom blade mapping
protected bool $withQuery = true; // Whether to pass the entire current getQuery to the action's URL.
protected bool $inDropdown = false; // Display the button outside the dropdown menu.
protected ?string $icon = 'heroicons.outline.table-cells'; // Icon for the button.

Next, register the action in the actions method of the resource where you want to display it.

public function actions(): array
return [
CustomAction::make('Custom Action'),

That's it!