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The idea of the Moonshine project is to create a versatile and customizable admin panel for Laravel projects. Almost all serious projects require an admin panel, and it takes a lot of time to create it. So I've got an idea to make my own admin panel, but it's a huge job and in a few years I managed to create a working version for the most common tasks. However, there are some serious drawbacks.

Recently I saw the initiative in my CutCode community for Laravel to create their own open-source project, and I’ve decided this was the proper approach to make a good admin panel together by joining resources for a common target.

Everyone will benefit from the interaction - you will be able to use a quality product that will always evolve.

An active and vibrant community is the heart of the project. Therefore, the most active users will be encouraged. What kind of incentive? The very first idea about the incentive is to create a system of donations. Donated money is distributed among the main participants of the developer team. Project MoonShine participates in the "Free License Programs" support program provided by JetBrains - active developers receive a license for products from JetBrains.

My goal is to make the project a place where developers will want to come back. We can make a functional and comfortable machine together only! Together we will do more than one at a time!