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The text field includes all the basic methods and additional methods for select fields

use MoonShine\Fields\Select;
public function fields(): array
return [
Select::make('Country', 'country_id')
'value 1' => 'Option Label 2',
'value 2' => 'Option Label 2'

# Nullable

If you need to save NULL, then you need to add a nullable method

Select::make('Country', 'country_id')

# Groups

You can combine values into groups

'Italy' => [
1 => 'Rome',
2 => 'Milan'
'France' => [
3 => 'Paris',
4 => 'Marseille'

# Multiple select

To select multiple values, you need the multiple method

Select::make('Country', 'country_id')

The field in the database must be of the text or json type.
You also need to add a cast for the eloquent model - json or array or collection.

# Search

If you want to add a search among values, you need to add the searchable method

Select::make('Country', 'country_id')